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Vous vous êtes transportés au temps où les pirates dominaient les mers. Emprisonné par le pirate Cabeza de Perro, l’un des pirate les plus infâmes de tous les temps, vous n’avez qu’une heure pour vous en sortir avant qu’il ne vous jette aux requins...

You move yourself to the time when pirates ruled the seas. Your old fishing boat gets smashed during the storm and you get into the hands of ruthless pirates. Imprisoned by the Spanish pirate Cabeza de Perro, one of the most infamous pirates of all time, you have one hour to get out before he will throw you to the sharks.

There is a chance to escape because the ship has just docked on a tropical island after a lengthy trip. Is it enough time to get out? Or maybe you won’t leave empty-handed? A rumor says that pirates hide their treasures on this island... So try to find the treasure and escape through the pirate's cave!

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