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It all started very peacefully: you and your friends drove into the mountains to enjoy a relaxing day with a nice walk in the forest. The mood is great and the sun is shining. You are all talking about everything and anything and are enjoying yourselves. Then, you are suddenly standing in front of a deserted cabin deep inside the forest. Nothing but trees all around.

After a bit of hesitation you walk towards the cabin – followed by your friends. A short view through the window shows a nicely furnished room. Without further consideration, you open the door and enter the cabin. The first impression from outside has been confirmed: someone seems to be living here and all necessities are there. But who lives here?

Suddenly you hear noises outside and you see someone is approaching the cabin. You all realize that it is too late to escape. The woodsman is already standing in the hut holding a bunch of weapons. He quickly overpowers you all and puts you in a cell. It is dark – there is nothing but a TV, a toilet, and a spartan bed. With a few lamps, you try to find a path to freedom. But will you manage before the woodsman comes back to finish everyone off?